Inspirational Music Workshops for Young People With Disabilities

Chloe is usually very difficult to get of bed in the mornings but for

that week

she nearly


out of bed.


- Jenny Cryer, Parent

I loved the jamming sessions, especially the harmonica, the piano lessons and the sampling stuff, and yes, I would


do it again!




- Ollie, Student

Nurturing A Lifelong Passion for Making Music


Billy & Andy's Manchester Music School provide accessible music workshops for young people with disabilities in the North West.


Our workshops encompass a broad range of activities, instruments and learning outcomes, chosen to suit the individuals. We develop strategies and use assistive technology to make our workshops accessible and enjoyable to all, regardless of ability. We aim to imbue the students with a passion for making music that will extend beyond the classroom and into adulthood.





Who Are We?

Billy and Andy are great

at what they

do! They know how to build a rapport

with the students and get them


 about learning. I wouldn't

hesitate in recommending




- Angela Syrat, Former

Head of Pathways to Independence at

Loreto College


Billy Payne

Andy Haines

My son attended the Summer music school and had a great time! Performing music in a friendly, easygoing atmosphere. He enjoyed it that much he is attending another school in





- Carole Hyland. Parent

● BA (Hons) Philosophy, University of East Anglia


● Award winning composer & sound designer for TV & film


● Former commercial music clients include BFI, Cornerhouse, New Balance, Factory Transmedia and London International Animation Festival


● 3 Years experience working as an Educational Support Assistant at Loreto College and running Loreto Radio


● 20 years experience as a guitarist, singer/songwriter and performer

● BA (Hons) Music Practice, University of Central Lancashire ● Diploma in Contemporary Popular Music, Access to Music, Lincoln ● Grade 5 ABRSM on piano ● 6 Years experience working as an Educational Support Assistant at Loreto College ● Experienced bassist and guitarist ● Support Worker for MENCAP working with young children with severe physical disabilities